An exclusive and dedicated software

d’opera’s real feather in the cap is developing a custom staircase; for this reason we have triven for programming an exclusive software. Our software is an experience based system and allows our partners to see in real-time their project, gaining a more precise and quick production.


Enjoy a fast and easy customization.


Manage your orders with more precision.


Rationalise the industrial production of every single component.


Perfect. engineered, durable: ready to be installed on site.

The staircase as the centrepiece of the architecture system. Its path from being a normal service component to establish its design expression to the interior design world. The staircase is the dynamic centre of residential paths, it tends to be a furniture piece able to match colours and materials of the surrounding environments.

During these last years d’Opera has been engaged in designing a wide range of stairs components able to harmonise in any architectural system. All these choices are available for professionals which cancombine single components into complex and organised units, ready to be installed on site.

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Single or double layout.
Available materials: resins, beechwood, oakwood coated metal sheets and brushed/polished stainless steel.
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Multiple models available with many various applications. Available materials for railing and newels: beechwood, oakwood, brushed/polished stainless steel, tempered extra-clear glass,
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Both steps and closed risers are possible.
Available materials: beechwood, oakwood, coated metal sheet brushed/polished stainless steel, tempered extra-clear glass.